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a.k.a. ZACK

2010-12-18 02:10:15 by eazyjoe

a.k.a. ZACK/eazyjoe curtis just so you know


2009-05-22 13:38:10 by eazyjoe

are 2 b posting

its been a while since i posted

2009-01-17 05:59:57 by eazyjoe

im working on a music video for a friend and its taking longer than expected!but it will be worth the wait!

say something

2008-12-16 15:09:36 by eazyjoe

if your reading this say something.i dare you!
oh and don't look at slutty she's too young for you!
btw does anyone play war of conquest?

say something

liveswif good or bad?

2008-12-15 04:21:32 by eazyjoe

so my computer crashed and took with it my crappy flash program.and im thinking about doing liveswif for a bit ,at least till i catch up on bills after x-mas.but ive heard mixed things about it,like one person said they couldnt get it off their computer and another said it made theirs run the question is should i or shouldnt i?

google this and listen to lyfe!!!!
\ /

liveswif good or bad?

that fish game

2008-12-05 02:51:03 by eazyjoe

just finished and posted!comment if you can beat level 5!if not you suck!lol

my newest flash is here

2008-11-27 00:46:19 by eazyjoe

there's actually two watch 'em and let me know what you think!

i'm gonna start.....

2008-11-26 11:28:57 by eazyjoe

advertising bullshit on my blog too,hell maybe i'll just put in a full blown fuckin commercial!how cool would that be,selling credit cards and i wonder how much i can make?maybe henrydwalters27 knows!hey mr.fulps would you like to advertise your newgrounds site on my newgrounds blog site?lol

i hate....

2008-11-25 15:32:27 by eazyjoe

girls that don't put out after the first date,I WANT MY LOBSTER BACK AND YOU OWE ME 50 BUCK FOR DRINKS YOU CUNT!!!!!


2008-11-21 13:39:46 by eazyjoe

oh sure you clicked on slutty!